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Sakura; artwork done by: Valerie Martin

Main Character(First Appearance: Episode 1- Part 2: The Girl Who Cried Shi'ado)
Beaten Sakura; Artwork by: Succorelle
Sakura Durnmal

Durnmal; Sakura:


Sakura was born in 3755 B.C., to the Priestess Ulladam’e and the great Shi'ado Lord and Emperor of Aldea, Draconis. After her birth, her father didn't want anything to do with her. She was raised by her mom in the Village of Shidow on the base of the Bekra Mountain Range. As a small child she was scorned and beat upon by the villagers because of her half-breed lineage. One day when she was 6 years old, a Shi'ado Lord ( Vahloren) came to her village. He rescued her from the lynchings from the village children. Vahloren was sent by her father to take her to him. She traveled with Vahloren, through the Kingdoms of Merdia and Laudei.

Lord Vahloren
Lord Vahloren; artwork by Valerie Martin

Lord Vahloren; Character Art done by: Fallon

Lord Vahloren



Lord Vahloren was born in 220 A.D., to Sakura of the House of Durnmal. He was the Shi'ado side, the darker side of Eric Pole. In 2078 A.D., Vahloren was released when Argus tried to control Eric's Body. Vahloren gained control of the body, but was rebuked by Jai Knight when he tried to obtain two Ancient Guardian Jewels. Vahloren was put into his own body, and he traveled the Earth for a few centuries, with his vassal, Daine. Somehow or another, Vahloren traveled to Aldea, during the Great Shi'ado Civil War. He battled with Draconis for the control of the Forbidden Continent on Aldea. He won and for the next thousand years, he has searched for Ancient Guardians Jewels. During the late years of the Holy War, Vahloren was assigned to protect and guide Sakura of the House of Durnmal, to her Father, Draconis.



Species: Shi'ado/Aldean ( Vahloren is half Shi'ado, half Aldean)




Personality: Cold, calm, unemotional, too cool to care attitude, hates being played around by others, generally unconcerned with anything that does not directly affect him. He is also very proud and extremely arrogant.


Weapons: Bane, his mouth-like appendage, his claws and daggers.


Abilities: Can Shapeshift, can move very quickly, can shoot out fireballs, lightning blasts and energy blasts. Is very strong with Telekinesis. Abilities become too numerous to count once he receives the Ancient Guardian Jewel shard of Shadows.


Attacks: Dragon Blast, Dragon, Poison Claws, Soul Eater, Lightning, Dagger Claw, Dirge, Telekinesis Wave...


Quotes: " I am neither evil nor good, I do what I want to, no one controls my destiny"


“ I am Lord Vahloren, of a noble, ancient house, and I will kill you if I can,”


“Now, it’s my turn”


“Draconis, if you ever stand in my way, I will kill you”


"If you don’t, I will kill you where you stand”


“First of all, it’s you who shall get out of our way. Second of all, you have raided, slaughtered and destroyed an entire village. For those two reasons, I will kill you”


“No, but I do have my own morals"


“Who are you, woman? Why did you think you could attack us? "


Weapons: Bane, Ceremonial Daggers

Main Character (First Appearance: Fallen Angel; Aldean Chronicles; Episode 1- Part 1: The World of Demons and Elves)

Supporting Characters

Artwork by: Kewlgirl

Major Supporting Character(First Appearance: The Wandering Ranger(Legends Of Aldea), Aldean Chronicles(Episode 1; Part 1,Demons And The World Of Elves)


Gabriel Argadon

Argadon; Gabriel: Gabriel Argadon was born in 8 B.C., in the Kingdom of Aldea. He was the son of King Huis, whom died just before he was born. At age 5, Gabriel became the prince of the Kingdom of Aldea. At age 13, he was promised to Princess Benar of Draconia. At age 14, before his marriage to the princess, the Draconians invade the Kingdom of Aldea. Using black magic, the Draconians mind controlled most Aldeans, thus the Kingdom of Aldea was conquered.                          

            Gabriel, his cousin, and a group of 20 Aldeans fled and traveled to the sister Kingdom of Corinthia. At age 114, Gabriel, with the help of his cousin and a friend by the name of Leif Cloud, fought Prince Farland for the control of Corinthia. After the duel, Gabriel gained control of Corinthia, just before an invasion by the Draconians.

            Gabriel kidnapped the princess of Draconia and married her. He then became King of Corinthia and readied the Corinthian Army for the upcoming invasion. Gabriel and his army thwarted the invasion. Just after that, Corinthia goes to war with Draconia.

            Gabriel invaded the Kingdom of Aldea and retook it. He liberated it, and then battled the Draconians for ten years. Gabriel, using his Ancient Guardian powers, destroyed Draconia, and at the same time; accidentally destroys Corinthia and the Kingdom of Aldea. Gabriel is then exiled by the Galactic Guardians, and by the Aldeans, to stay on Earth for the remainder of his existence; without seeing another Aldean for all time. For thousands of years, Gabriel wanders the Earth as the Wandering Ranger, the Guardian of Truth, Justice and Light. During his exile, Gabriel encounters the Aldean Prince, Eric Pole. He trains him to become an Guardians. While in Eric's training, Gabriel encounters the evil Shi'ado, Argus, and battles him. During the battle, Gabriel pushes Eric out of the way of Argus's attack and sacrifices his own life, at the same time, exterminating Argus. As Gabriel lay dying, he gave Eric the mantle to defend the Earth from evil, then Gabriel's body vanishes in a blue aura.


Gabriel's Jewel saved his souls, and allowed him to exist, only in his Ancient Guardian Jewel. For Centuries, he stayed on Earth, protecting Eric. But When Lord Vahloren decided to travel through time to an ancient Aldea, Gabriel decided to travel there as well, to make sure the timeline wouldn't be changed by Vahloren's actions.

Ayden Argadon

Artwork by: Kewlgirl

  Argadon; Ayden:  Ayden Argadon was born in the future on Aldea, in 2671 A.D. He was born to Jen Argadon and lived on Aldea all his life. He fought in the Second Holy War, against the re-emerged Shi’ado Empire. He started his Guardian training when he was at least 100 years of age. Later, he inherited the Ancient Guardian Jewel of Strength And Sight.


During the First Interstellar Civil War, he was caught in a temporal portal and was transported to Aldea, during the Great Shi’ado Civil War. He remained on Aldea and served in the 1st Holy War with his Uncle, Gabriel Argadon. Years later, he led a group of Paladins, who fought against an ancient evil, The Dark Army. As the Dark Army started to consolidate its power in 3749 B.C., Ayden and his Paladins were cast out of Aldean society and were banished from the Carlkaveria Continent. Ayden and his Paladins became rogues, hunting down Demons and dark beings and destroying them.

Major Supporting Character (First Appearance: Aldean Chronicles; Episode 21)

Lady Arien; Character Art done by: Fallon

Supporting Character; (First Appearance: Aldean Chronicles: Episode 1 Part 1; The World Of Demons and Elves)

Lady Arien; Character Art done by: Fallon

Lady Arien

Lady Arien



Lady Arien was born during the late years of the  Great Shi'ado Civil War. She became a priestess and served Lord Ikon, one of the Shi'ado Lords and false Gods. A Thousand years later, she met Gabriel Argadon, and led her people in a rebellion against the Shi'ado, which in turn started the first Holy War. She started her training as an Guardian, met a man and gave birth to a son, Tav. She later left Tav when he was two, and served Emperor Draconis, as one of his handmaidens. In doing this, she spied for the Aldeans and tried to undermine him in every way. While serving Draconis, she met Lord Vahloren and fell in love with him. Later, she is asked to retrieve Draconis's daughter, and then later, she serves as Sakura's handmaiden.